Author page: Nikolay Makhutov

New Manhattan Project of Planetary Protection

#3. Attraction of Diversity
New Manhattan Project of Planetary Protection

The article presents results of modeling the consequences of a large asteroid’s catastrophic collision with the Earth. They confirm the necessity of concrete steps to create a means of protection against the asteroid-comet danger that threatens the very existence of mankind. Undertaken analysis of the situation in the field of space threat prevention proves that alongside with ensuring national and international security, they will contribute to developing many spheres of the state and humanity activities, including defense, civil defense and protection, science, technology, economics, politics, etc. Russian project of creating an international planetary protection system “Citadel” can serve as a basis for creating means of planetary protection. This is confirmed by inclusion of the Citadel project in the New Manhattan Project, proposed by the World Federation of Scientists.

Certificate of State Maturity

#3. Green question

Even the elected leader of the state may not become a spiritual and national leader of the people, if he forgets the commandment: “Not by their words, but for their deeds you recognize them”. In recent months, weeks and days we’ve heard a lot of words. What deeds will follow these words? A leader can obtain “certificate of state maturity” only for his deeds. There are many vital “subjects” in this “certificate”, but few textbooks have been written on them. And there are only two examiners – people and the time. The people in Russia were and are, but leaders have got very few time. Too late to learn.