Global Problems of Modern Civilization Development

#1. Minds Confusion
Global Problems of Modern Civilization Development

In the course of its development, human civilization has repeatedly encountered a number of certain difficulties and challenges. In the XXI century problems have acquired a completely new, threatening character and are associated with depletion of natural resources for humanity livelihood. They concern absolutely all the Earth’s inhabitants, affect the interests of many countries and peoples of the world. The article presents strategic risks and possible solutions to the global problems of the civilization development.


  1. Strategiya stanovleniya ustoichivogo mnogopolyarnogo miroustroistva na baze partnerstva tsivilizatsii: doklad Yaltinskogo tsivilizatsionnogo kluba [The Strategy of Establishment a Sustainable Multipolar World Order Based on Partnership of Civilizations: Report of the Yalta Civilizational Club]. Pod nauchn. red. Yu.V. Yakovtsa. Mezhdunarodnyi institut Pitirima Sorokina — Nikolaya Kondrat’eva, 2017, available at:
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