The ideology of the Club of Rome in the complex of weakening Russia’s economic security and sovereignty

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.95.2020.87-93

The ideas of the club of Rome as an important basis of financial, economic, political and legal practices of bourgeois elites at the global level in the form of implementation misanthropic neomalthusianism concepts in the contemporary world are investigated in the context of their implementation in post-Soviet Russia; substantiates the key role of the ideology and practice of the club of Rome in the Russian liberal elites, the destruction of the Soviet system, the dynamics of post-Soviet Russia; the necessity of the upsurge of scientific research in the interests of peoples and countries, alternative design development of the club of Rome, as a key basis for restoration of economic safety of Russia its financial-economic sovereignty and the development of the project of the future world order based on the principles of popular democracy.


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