Tair Mansurov and Nazir Tyuryakulov. Author and His Protagonist

DOI: 10.33917/es-2.188.2023.94-97

Review of the book “Nazir Tyuryakulov” by T.A. Mansurov, published in 2022, which presents a biography of the Soviet diplomat N.T. Tyuryakulov. Diplomatic mission of Nazir T. Tyuryakulov was a duel with British and American competitors in the 1920s. The review also focuses on the portrait of the book’s author. Tair A. Mansurov is one of the largest systemic post-Soviet politicians. He influenced creation of the state alliances, the future of seas and borders, formation of cultural codes, protection and preservation of the heroes’ memory, the revival of temples and mosques.

Public Investments Impact on Economic Development

#9. Preserving humanness
Public Investments Impact on Economic Development

Increasing public investment in the Russian Federation to facilitate economic growth in the current situation is impossible, therefore the problem of improving their efficiency becomes increasingly important. The above issue has become the subject of many studies showing that public investments effectiveness varies considerably from country to country. It is affected by various factors: structural changes in the economy, sectoral funding distribution, applied mechanisms of planning, management and stimulation. Moreover, analyzing some countries’ experience of economic growth stimulation through public investment it is necessary to take into account their economic and historical situation, the resource base, as well as political attitudes. According to the theory, public investments do not always contribute to the economy dynamic development. At the same time, empirical studies prove that public capital invested in such sectors as transport, communication and education is effective as a whole. An important task is the analysis of mechanisms of priority investment projects state support, existing in the world practice, and their revision with regard to conditions and needs of the Russian Federation.