Tair Mansurov and Nazir Tyuryakulov. Author and His Protagonist

DOI: 10.33917/es-2.188.2023.94-97

Review of the book “Nazir Tyuryakulov” by T.A. Mansurov, published in 2022, which presents a biography of the Soviet diplomat N.T. Tyuryakulov. Diplomatic mission of Nazir T. Tyuryakulov was a duel with British and American competitors in the 1920s. The review also focuses on the portrait of the book’s author. Tair A. Mansurov is one of the largest systemic post-Soviet politicians. He influenced creation of the state alliances, the future of seas and borders, formation of cultural codes, protection and preservation of the heroes’ memory, the revival of temples and mosques.

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