It Is Difficult to Respect the Russian, but Impossible Not to Love Him

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

The famous literary critic, author of popular books, hundreds of actual articles, television cycles, profound researcher and subtle stylist, winner of the prestigious awards Lev Anninsky believes that the best of his works is “Ivanov’s Life”, the documentary novel about his family history. He is convinced that “the literary process in Russia is inseparably linked to the tragic history of our country, and the future mankind will remember alternately heroic and tragic side of this history, depending on what will be hurting humanity at the moment.” The place of Russia and Russians in the changing world, international relations at different historical stages, Russian history and culture in the context of contemporary historical moment, why the great Russian literature “was, and is not existing and cannot exist today ” – all the above in the interview of Lev Anninsky to Alexander Ageev and Alexander Isayev.

How Strange is Our Country…

#9. Triupmh of chronophages

Stalin unlike Khrushchev considered dismemberment of Germany as failure of our policy, and in contrast to Beria he led the affairs not to neutralization of this country, but to its non-participation in any militarypolitical groupings.

Globalism — a Multi-Polar World: the Future or the Past?

#3. Green question

The Great Spirit of Capitalism woke powerful creative forces of man. But at the same time it released the demons of personal success and enrichment, sworn by world religions. And along with the great human achievements they caused new disintegration of society into slaves and masters.

The First Kremlin Snow Maiden

#1. Crossing Parallels

In the 1950-s in Moscow there were two “important„ New Year trees: one in the Columns Hall, and the other for the first time in the Kremlin. I was chosen for the responsible role — the Snow Maiden at the Kremlin New Year party. And I had been already occupied as the Snow Maiden at the children’s party in the Columns Hall…