How Strange is Our Country…

#9. Triupmh of chronophages

Stalin unlike Khrushchev considered dismemberment of Germany as failure of our policy, and in contrast to Beria he led the affairs not to neutralization of this country, but to its non-participation in any militarypolitical groupings.

Were the Gaidar Reforms Non-Alternative?

#11. Empty bowl

History doesn’t know subjunctive mood and the accomplished cannot be changed. But 20 years ago the country could choose the different path. And then, when the feeling that we lost the way was intensifying, it was not late to get back on the right track. The Russians, as is known, are strong hindsight. But this time it refused us, and we were stubbornly walking toward our death, not willing to learn from own mistakes committed/wp-content/mag_archive/?mid=109&cid=2544#article_2544Gaidar, market-oriented reforms, Gorbachev, shock therapy, privatization methods.