Extended Substantiation of the Resource Provision Volumes for Russia’s Development National Projects

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33917/es-2.176.2021.88-97

The purpose of this article is to concretize the main strategic goals formulated by the President of the Russian Federation in order to accelerate the country’s economic development in terms of creating new production capacities in priority areas of economic and social development — national projects, as well as to substantiate a methodological approach to calculating the required volume of their resource provision.

In addition to literary sources and official statistical reporting, normative and legal documents (strategies and government programs) in the field of strategic planning of the activities of the domestic defense industry branches were also used as an information base for the paper.

The article addresses the following issues: 1) ranking according to the level of capital investments efficiency in various sectors of the Russian economy is made; 2) methodological approach to forming a forecast assessment of the required volumes of capital investments and labor resources to ensure the established rates of the country’s economic development is proposed; 3) mechanism for identifying the volume of production depending on the capital investments amount is developed

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#1. Crossing Parallels

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