Author page: Melekhin Evgeny S.

On the issue of improving the higher education system at the present stage of development

DOI: 10.33917/mic-2.97.2021.14-18

The article examines a number of problems associated with the development of the higher education system at the present stage, and the current measures of the Government of the Russian Federation to streamline it. The necessity of taking urgent measures to improve the learning process in the magistracy has been substantiated. Proposals are given on priority measures for solving the issues of training masters, as the most qualified specialists in their profile, and their relevance by business entities.

National mineral wealth as the basis of the country’s economic development

DOI: 10.33917/mic-1.96.2021.72-80

The article considers the reflection of the national mineral wealth in the system of national accounts, shows the availability of reserves of some types of mineral raw materials taken into account in the current assessment system. The main problems are identified and proposals are made for the methodological link between the indicators for assessing mineral resource wealth of the subsoil with the system of national accounts and the assessment of the country’s GDP. An example of evaluating the value of multicomponent apatite-nepheline ore is given. Measures are proposed to link the national mineral wealth with an assessment of the country’s GDP in the national accounts, increasing the level of rational use of mineral resources, comprehensive utilization of multicomponent ores.

Gas resources in the development of the Russian economy

The article deals with the state of the mineral resource base of hydrocarbons, special attention is paid to the use of traditional and non-traditional gas resources, the forecast of providing them to the Russian economy. The main perspective directions of use of natural gas in the country defining its economic development are considered.

Small business economics in subsurface use

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.92.2020.77-86

The article considers the state of small business in subsurface use by type of economic activity-mining. It is shown that this type of activity is in the top three in the structure of gross value added in the regions. The commercial and budgetary efficiency of an investment project for the development of a small oil field is considered on a specific example. The expediency of abolishing the mineral extraction tax for small hydrocarbon deposits is justified. The directions of development of unclaimed small oil and gas fields are proposed.

Methodological approach to assessing lost profits and damage caused by subsoil as a result of their irrational using

DOI: 10.33917/mic-1.90.2020.74-79

The scientific article considers a methodological approach to assessing lost profits and damage that is caused by subsoil as a result of their irrational use, based on normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, including a list of rights and obligations of subsoil users, requirements for rational use and protection of subsoil, the procedure for establishing the fact of an offense in areas of subsoil use, liability for violation of the law and damages, as well as the procedure for compensation for damage caused by irrational subsoil use. Using the approach will significantly increase the environmental and economic efficiency of subsoil use.