Russian National Heritage — Under Threat!

#7. Pandora’s Deceit
Russian National Heritage — Under Threat!

Recently, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) became the subject for evidently bespoke attacks of a number of TV channels and newspapers. Attacks were characterized by deliberate distortion of truth and attempts to represent RAS in a negative light. They were accompanied by prosecutor and audit controls of academic administration. It seems to have been preparatory barrage before general offensive. The following legislative formalization of this campaign stirred up not only academic environment, but also the public as a whole.

How to Launch an Innovation Cycle?

#9. Triupmh of chronophages

Potential of the Russian Academy of Science nowadays is economically not claimed, and the academy has found itself in extreme dependence on the state funding, but the state doesn’t need it economically, and this explains all the difficulties of the Academy.

Trends of Modern Science and Education In Terms of Complex Systems Theory

#12. Evil People

If we manage to convince engineers that the car of the future must not only have a powerful engine, but should also take into consideration environmental issues, if power engineering specialists realize that successful are only solutions that correspond to the idea of sustainable development, rather than to a strategy focused on shortterm profits, then it will be great success of practical philosophy.

Discoveries as a Leap into the Unknown

#7-8. Burning Ground

Newton or Faraday were creating new knowledge not to sell them or to get rich. Today it is rather about the economy of innovations. In other words, we do not produce knowledge, but innovations that are sold.