How to Stop the Society Degradation

#2. Mr Wanna-know-All's Questions
How to Stop the Society Degradation

In his interview the author sums up the results of his long scientific research activity and formulates what should be done to get the humanity out of the “consumption swamp”, in which it found itself at the turn of ХХ и ХХI centuries.

Ready For Labor and Defense

#1. Choice of Identity
Ready For Labor and Defense

The XXII Olympic Games are over. The FIFA World Cup is up ahead. All these sports milestones represent tremendous opportunities for promoting and cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Now it is very important to maintain such spirit that after the Olympics it should be prestigious to go in for sports, and especially for own health. We need to build a complex system that would contribute to sports skills development of children, that should allow to distinguish among them talented and promising athletes from an early age, beginning with pre-school institutions, where there are practically no classes of physical training today. How to be correctly and properly engaged in such prevention measures and on whom to rely to a greater extent — on medicine, health care, doctors or yet on ourselves? All these aspects were covered in the interview with Nikolay Kharitonov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on regional policy and the North and the Far East problems.

A Drug Addict Said “hello” and has Already Lied

#4. Handful of Developments

The neurotic is useful for society, because he is always creatively charged, works well, though he himself suffers from his neurosis. A drug addict is not useful for society because he can neither work nor defend his motherland. He becomes an economic burden for the state.

Growth of the Population Through Directive Methods

#1. Hollywood as a password

Our astronauts — it is all an ostentation. There can be no people in the space. Only 10 percent of the earth’s surface, where there is a certain pressure and temperature drop, are suitable for comfortable living. And beyond these 10 percent bone tissue degrades.