Author page: Vladimir Kozlov

Global Trends in the Development of Small Satellites

#6. Forecasts and Results
Global Trends in the Development of Small Satellites

Under the conditions of informatization of all human activity aspects special role is acquiring the use of space-based systems that can provide globality, operational efficiency and high frequency of receiving and delivering information to consumers. Following new requirements to space systems necessitates creation of multi-satellite (tens and hundreds of spacecraft) groups in orbit, which cannot be realized through the use of spacecraft with a mass between one and several tons, primarily due to purely economic reasons. This results in the need to significantly reduce weight and size of spacecraft.

State of Foresight Studies in Russia

#4. Handful of Developments

Foresight differs from the well-known tools of scientific prediction as not only involves many interested social groups in forming the picture of foresight, but also encourages participants to actively pursue the changes predicted by themselves.