Problems of the development of the Northern Sea Route and its infrastructure amid a decline in economic activity

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.101.2021.69-77

The article notes that the development of the Northern Sea Route and the Russian Arctic area around it is a necessary condition for improving long-term competitiveness of the national economy. Negative economic trends are identified that have resulted from a decline in economic activity due to the coronavirus epidemic, which significantly affect the performance of ongoing investment projects in the field of mining in the Arctic zone. It is proposed to clarify and correct the existing forecasts for the transportation of goods along the Northern Sea Route, to ensure the most efficient use of the federal budget resources for the development of its infrastructure. Using the methods of comparative analysis and a systematic approach, the authors conclude that in the context of a decline in economic activity, the volume of cargo transportation by private companies along the Northern Sea Route by 2024 will be in the range of 47-50 million tons, and a number of planned projects in the field of production minerals will not be sold. Recommendations are given for adjusting the existing plans for the development of the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route (including the construction of nuclear icebreakers) in order to more efficiently use the federal budget funds.


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