The "Economic Strategies" journal

2019 #4. 2019

Strategic aspects of realisation of anti-recessionary management of the enterprises of the industry on economic level

In the scientific article the mechanism of anti-recessionary management on which basis are generated strategic alliances the enterprises on an example of an industrial complex is offered.

Economic and structural problems of reproduction of mineral resources base in Russia

The article considers the state of the mineral resource base of Russia for 2018. The main problems of reproduction of mineral resources base of Russia at the present stage are given. The ways to solve the problems of reproduction of mineral resources through the involvement in the production of hard-to-recover and unconventional resources of hydrocarbons.

Gas resources in the development of the Russian economy

The article deals with the state of the mineral resource base of hydrocarbons, special attention is paid to the use of traditional and non-traditional gas resources, the forecast of providing them to the Russian economy. The main perspective directions of use of natural gas in the country defining its economic development are considered.

Features of the formation of state industrial policy (for example the aviation industry)

The article deals with the mechanism of formation of the state industrial policy on the example of the aviation industry, the aviation industry is defined, its composition and structure are presented, the importance of the aviation industry for the strategic development of the state is analyzed and also it is proved that the  development rates of the aviation industry have a direct impact on the formation and support of the country’s defense, scientific and technological development ensuring the constitutional right of citizens to freedom of movement.

The influence of social institutions on the efficiency of activity construction organizations

The article presents the results of the study of current directions in development of tools to measure the economic efficiency of construction organizations. The recommendations are based on the realization of the capacity of their management accounting, in parts of measuring transaction costs, in improving the quality of measurement the efficiency of construction organizations operation.  It has been determined, that some Russian social institutions do not promote effective business activities, although they are created to perform the functions of coordinating and regulating the actions of business entities. The authors’ study compensate the lack of research on determining the impact of institutional indicators on business performance.