Sustainability Metrics of the EAEU Economic Development: Problem of the “Core” of the Indicators and Thresholds System


In the subject area of macroeconomic indicators there is currently not only an active search for new solutions, but also their almost continuous implementation in the practice of macroeconomic regulation. Multiple crisis processes in the world economy and politics, unfolding technological transformation, sharp manifestation of medical and biological threats have created additional impulses for forming and applying new models for assessing macroeconomic realities and a set of sustainable development problems. In the practice of world integration associations and the EAEU in particular, considerable experience has been accumulated in applying the systems of macroeconomic indicators with threshold values and procedures for responding to their violations. Critical analysis of the current system of macroeconomic indicators in the EAEU made it possible to substantiate a new vision of both the composition of indicators of sustainable economic development of the EAEU member states and assessment criteria as well as threshold values.

On Current Issues of International Municipal Cooperation

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.173.2020.32-43

The article examines the world experience and the main trends in developing international cooperation between cities of the world, analyzes economic effect of international relations between territorial formations of national states, considers topical issues and outlines the problem field of international municipal cooperation in Russia. The autor concludes that it is feasible to build up international and foreign economic relations of Russian territorial entities in the context of achieving the goals of the country’s economic development and the UN sustainable development until 2030.