Post-truth as the Trojan Horse of the Abyss


The article investigates the phenomenon of post-truth which today has become the king of the mental world. The post-truth expresses the destructive will of the subject to power, the desire to replace the truth with the power of the machine will. Artificial intelligence is a technically complete embodiment of the post-truth. The post-truth is a method of the people standardization. In the post-truth, the will to play as a kingdom and the temptation of the emptiness, irresponsibility, is hidden. The post-truth expresses the civilization transformation into a machine that produces garbage and waste. In the post-truth, the unrestrained and predetermined will of garbage, a garbage can, the garbage, seeking to become a space holiday of life, is hidden. The post-truth is the madness of the global dump, its suicidal will. The post-truth is the will of infertility denying the highest creative freedom of the world through simulacres, semblance, illusions, fakes, brazen lies.


1. Gegel’ G.V.F. Entsiklopediya filosofskikh nauk. Nauka logiki [Encyclopedia of Philosophical Sciences. Science of Logic]. Moscow, Mysl’, 1974, p. 108.

Methodology System and Strategic Planning Logic

#8. Ideas Change the World
Methodology System and Strategic Planning Logic

The world economy is a dynamically developing system, where various processes continuously take place, being connected both with interaction and with opposition of the various participants’ interests in the context of globalization, regionalization, economic integration and competition. Today, under the effect of both objective and subjective factors, the environment itself has changed, the course of processes taking place there has changed. As a result, the world economy is undergoing complex transformations and humanity is going through a civilizational crisis. The world is entering a phase of turbulence, chaos, instability and uncertainty. No single country, including developed ones, can yet offer a way out of this phase. Due to disharmony in relationship between scientific-technological progress and spiritual development of mankind, the world is on the threshold of a global catastrophe. This situation has caused a complex problem that we plan to solve on the basis of a scientific approach. We believe that the main reason for violating the right course of events, processes and phenomena lies in the imperfect system of governing society, the state and the world development as a whole. The management system has left the natural path of development, has abandoned the canons of the Universe and the all-round laws of the Universe. Building on new knowledge, theories, concepts and technologies, it is necessary to create such a system of planning and management that will ensure safety and harmonious development of the system “nature – society – man”.