Post-truth as the Trojan Horse of the Abyss


The article investigates the phenomenon of post-truth which today has become the king of the mental world. The post-truth expresses the destructive will of the subject to power, the desire to replace the truth with the power of the machine will. Artificial intelligence is a technically complete embodiment of the post-truth. The post-truth is a method of the people standardization. In the post-truth, the will to play as a kingdom and the temptation of the emptiness, irresponsibility, is hidden. The post-truth expresses the civilization transformation into a machine that produces garbage and waste. In the post-truth, the unrestrained and predetermined will of garbage, a garbage can, the garbage, seeking to become a space holiday of life, is hidden. The post-truth is the madness of the global dump, its suicidal will. The post-truth is the will of infertility denying the highest creative freedom of the world through simulacres, semblance, illusions, fakes, brazen lies.


1. Gegel’ G.V.F. Entsiklopediya filosofskikh nauk. Nauka logiki [Encyclopedia of Philosophical Sciences. Science of Logic]. Moscow, Mysl’, 1974, p. 108.

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