Causal Dissonance as a Basis «New Reality» (on the Mechanisms of Post-pandemic Social Regulation)

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.175.2021.92-103

The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the regulation of social processes in Extreme conditions — the change of cause-andeffect relationships as a causal dissonance.

Causal misalignments are a natural and necessary process of preparation for a quantum leap in the development of our reality:

manifesting themselves critically in psychophysiological dysontogenies and generating socio-psychological polarization of society, they lead to the formation of an unbalanced social environment with a difference in levels of complexity.

So far, this causal environment is used for post-pandemic social regulation to attempt to preserve the existing world order through the formation of a «new reality».

But under the same conditions, new social actors are being formed that can make a conscious choice between the old and the new world, between the old zoopopulation methods of regulation and the new ones-psychosocial ones.

In order to ensure the quantum transition to the future, it is necessary to provide state support to the subjects of the new society in the format of education, upbringing and appropriate scientific support, as well as to ensure vertical institutional regulation.

Network Structures: Options in Living Nature and Human Society. Network Socialism

#7. Maint Games
Network Structures: Options in Living Nature and Human Society. Network Socialism

Decentralized, distributed network structures possess significant creative and innovative potential in solving various problems of modern society, including organization of interdisciplinary creative laboratories, interactive techniques in education and the establishment of inter- and intrafirm networks. Of special interest are biological models (paradigms), i.e., organizational options for network structures in diverse biological systems. These models can be used creatively to establish networks in various spheres of human society. It is emphasized that the dissemination of network structures in society promotes the implementation of the principles of socialist economy.