On the systemic stratification of societies and the population in them

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.110.2023.50-58

The problem of stratification of societies and the population in them according to the criterion of specific production of national capital (NPC) and capital (PCC) of subjects of the Russian Federation is discussed in comparison with stratification by specific GDP. The integral interpretation of capital as the sum of physical, human and social components means: scientifically substantiated stratification of both the countries of the world and their population is based not on indicators of the standard of living, but on indicators of the quality of life; not from GDP, but from PNK or a dimensionless analogue of PNK – the quality of life index I. Stratification by GDP is another suggestion in science.


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The Avant-Guarde Stratification of Nations

DOI: 10.33917/es-3.183.2022.16-25

In modern economic thinking, there is an unclear division of the population into rich, poor and middle class. This structuring originated in the time of Euripides and Aristotle. However, there is still no general method for determining the parameters of the middle class, although the dynamics of growth and development of national economies significantly depends on it. The author proposes to stratify the population by the criterion of GDP per capita, calculated by purchasing power parity. At the same time, the author determines the parameters of the avant-garde, middle and rear-guard strata of the nation on the route of economic development using the proposed development gamma scale.


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