Work with the end user as a mandatory component of the energy management of the energy company

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.89.2019.58-63

The article reveals the topic concerning the importance of interaction between energy companies and end consumers. The principles and functions of energy management are defined. Measures for energy management of end users are systematized. Federal and regional energy development programs are analyzed and energy efficiency measures are proposed that take into account the interaction of energy companies with consumers.

Package Sectoral Order as an Effective Tool for Managing Import Substitution, Development of New Technologies and Energy Modernization

DOI: 10.33917/es-3.169.2020.6-17

Import substitution in the energy sector requires development in Russia of a group of new industries and modernization of existing capacities. That calls for integrating the structures of fundamental and applied science, education, power engineering production, energy generation and electricity transport in the framework of a complete innovation cycle. The key to the problem solution is forming an integrated mechanism for planning and management of scientific-research, power engineering and electric power segments as parts of a single technological chain of work and procurement from basic research to equipment disposal. The R&D result should be a package sectoral order for equipment and technologies — a new planning and coordination tool in the market environment of Russian energy and power engineering. It is proposed to build a new information control loop in the energy sector of Russia to form the basis of a package order within the industry in order to establish medium- and long-term scientific and technical planning for replacing retiring equipment, tracking contracts and monitoring results of their implementation