Author page: Ahmetshina Guzel R.

Work with the end user as a mandatory component of the energy management of the energy company

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.89.2019.58-63

The article reveals the topic concerning the importance of interaction between energy companies and end consumers. The principles and functions of energy management are defined. Measures for energy management of end users are systematized. Federal and regional energy development programs are analyzed and energy efficiency measures are proposed that take into account the interaction of energy companies with consumers.

The consumer’s desire for energy freedom and energy independence is the basis for changing the paradigm future energy development

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.89.2019.70-72

This article examines the existing paradigm of energy and the goal paradigm on the basis of the transition to a decentralized power supply associated with the development of digitization, renewable energy sources and energy storage, of transfer from AC to DC of different voltage.

Criteria for evaluating energy efficiency used for the development of local energy optimization programs

DOI: 1111

This article is devoted to the definition and description of energy efficiency assessment criteria used to develop local energy optimization programs. The values of the parameters included in the technical, economic and social groups, which are used to analyze the energy facilities of decentralized energy areas, are disclosed.

Analysis of features of technologically isolated energy distributions taken into account in the development of local energy optimization programs

The article compares the centralized and decentralized energy supply of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, analyzes the energy supply of isolated energy regions of the country. The features of local energy areas are determined, their difference from centralized energy zones is revealed. Recommendations are given that must be considered when creating a program for optimizing the energy of technologically isolated energy regions.