Author page: Tuguskina G.N.

Sustainable development of human capital as the basis for innovative transformations of the Russian economy

DOI: 10.33917/mic-4.111.2023.73-81

Considers the sustainable development of human capital as the basis for scientific and technological transformations of the Russian economy. The importance of considering this problem is due to the fact that innovative development, ensuring the technological security of the state, directly depends on the people who are called upon to solve this problem, on the level of human capital, the bearer of which they are. The aim of the study was to assess the relationship between innovation activity and the level of human capital, to study the state of the main components of human capital, to identify problems and possible solutions. In the course of the study, general theoretical methods were used: analysis, synthesis, induction and deduction. The analysis showed that the global leaders in the field of innovation also occupy strong positions in terms of the level of human capital, and this trend is also typical for Russian regions. The study indicated the presence of a number of problems in the development of the main components of human capital, which, to a certain extent, is due to a decrease in federal budget spending on the main areas directly related to the development of human capital. A possible solution to the identified problems is proposed through the development and adoption of a comprehensive state program for the formation and development of human capital.


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