Slavic World: Myth-Making and Reality in 1500 Years

#4. Until the Thunder Breaks Out
Slavic World: Myth-Making and Reality in 1500 Years

Representing a mentally unified whole, but consisting of various forcibly dismembered parts that exist separately in space and time — this is the picture of today economy of the Slavic and then the Russian world. And exactly in such a broad and full-fledged sense, and not like now, in many times truncated and degraded form, the Slavic and later on the Russian world, their role and place, authority and significance should be positioned in the modern world. The authors of the article considering the Slavic world as a mental reality and virtual space, analyze the world economy of the second millennium, when Russia and a number of other young Slavic states began to enter the world scene; they wonder what are the prospects for modern world economic forces order and what place in this arrangement is assigned to Russia, the Russian world and the entire Slavic world.


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