Perception of Cybersecurity in the B2C Segment of the Russian Market: Problems and Solutions in the Context of the Marketing Strategy

DOI: 10.33917/es-5.179.2021.134-142

Russian cybersecurity market shows insignificant positive growth rates due to development of the B2B segment: launch of individual projects in the sphere of digitalization at the federal level, as well as adoption of security systems to deflect cyber attacks and proactively identify threats from major market players. At the same time, the B2C segment is really inferior to B2B. This is primarily attributable to the fact that ordinary consumers do not realize the need to protect digital data. The present paper will consider the main parameters of the macroenvironment, competitive saturation and will analyze a modern consumer of cybersecurity services. These factors will help to identify the roots of negative perception of cyber services among Russian consumers. The article authors suggest a marketing communication strategy to improve the current situation on the example of Kaspersky Lab and the target IT Administrators audience.


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