How to dominate the local furniture market without having your own production

DOI: 10.33917/mic-1.102.2022.55-65

The article is devoted to the analysis and forecasting of the institutional structure of the furniture market in Russia, taking into account the theory of economic dominance in a multilevel economy. It is shown that despite the conservative changes in the market, a stable hierarchy of companies has quickly developed on it, which determines the architecture and logic of its development in the medium term. The article examines in detail the situation in the Russian furniture market in 2020, which arose under the influence of the current epidemiological and economic situation. In the context of the groups described in this theory, the factors that furniture companies had to face depending on their size, market position and organizational structure are shown, the prospects for their development are assessed and general recommendations are given for each group. Identification of the key market players and comparison of the institutional strength of its participants belonging to different levels of the hierarchy makes it possible to form scenarios for its development and build appropriate forecasts for the development of this sector of the economy. Particular attention is paid to the relationship between the structure and key players in the furniture market and the housing construction market. It is shown that there is a potential for mutual strengthening of the institutional strength of the key players in both markets, but so far it has been implemented to a weak degree. These relationships are expected to strengthen in the coming years.


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