Development of program and target management in Russia

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.95.2020.5-20

The purpose of this work is to prepare proposals for further development of the methodology and tools for target management in the Russian Federation. The article addresses the following issues: 1) as a result of the analysis of domestic and foreign scientific sources, as well as regulatory documents of the Russian Federation in the field of strategic planning, the main directions for its further improvement are formulated; 2) a methodological approach to the development of state programs for economic and social development of the country is proposed; 3) the expediency of using the coefficients of relative and absolute importance (mutual utility), as well as the method of hierarchy analysis (MAI), when optimizing the distribution of resources between alternative directions – branches of the “tree of goals and objectives” of state programs is justified); 4) methods of forming an information base for calculating the volume of resource support for state programs (standards: specific capital investment, the maximum consumption of the most important types of material resources and the specific labor intensity per unit of the parameter reflecting the main consumer quality of the product) are proposed.


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