Analysis of consumer perception in the space of image-forming factors. Part 1: Positions Versus Ideal

DOI: 10.33917/mic-4.105.2022.5-23

This study considers the analytical principles of market object perception (goods, trademarks, firms) by consumer in the image-forming space, with an emphasis on the correctness of the application of methods and interpretation of results (in terms of comparing perceived positions with consumer ideals). The proposed approach to analysis is based on the identification of factors that determine market processes and the construction of images of real goods / brands / firms in the perception of representatives of the target group. The issues of product / brand / company promotion are discussed based on the analysis of consumer perception. The presented approach is applied to solve some practical problems, such as identifying factors of perception of goods / brands / firms, building their images in the space of consumer attitudes, analyzing the configuration of images in comparison with the ideal, developing a strategy and essential details of promotion.


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