Analysis of consumer ideals in the image-forming space: building ideal images

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.98.2021.22-31

The problem of analyzing consumer ideals in the image-forming space with an emphasis on the correctness of the application of methods and the interpretation of the results is considered. Approaches and methods of constructing images of ideal products/ brands/ firms in the perception of representatives of the target group are presented. The issues of product/ brand/ company promotion based on the analysis of consumer ideals are discussed. Examples of solving practical problems of constructing ideal images of goods/ brands/ firms in the space of preferences, analyzing the configuration of ideal images, their formation and differentiation in relation to the creation of a strategy and the development of promotion details are given using the proposed approach.

This article is a continuation of the author’s research presented in No 2 (97) of the journal for 2021.


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