Education, Science, Culture and the Future of Russia

DOI: 10.33917/es-2.188.2023.72-79

At all times, the issues of upbringing and education were the core, foundation, cornerstone of the existence and development of society and the state. And to this day we are fascinated by the science and culture of antiquit y – Greece, Egypt, Israel, India, China, Rome, and etc. Development of society and the state directly stems from the at tention paid to education and upbringing of the youth. The author concludes that when they try to replace classical science with various fashionable items, this is an encroachment on the holy of holies, this is an at tempt to belittle, humiliate, fetter the freedom of the human mind development.


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The Educational Potential of the Book of Memoirs and Reflections of Generations “We Remember…” in the Environment of Digital Economy

#4. Until the Thunder Breaks Out
The Educational Potential of the Book of Memoirs and Reflections of Generations “We Remember…” in the Environment of Digital Economy

In the article, the problem of the new individual as presented in research-based and philosophical-economic literature is analyzed as well its influence on the consciousness and the behavior in the digital age. Different point of view are represented on the problem of turning the individual into a cyborg in the environment of the digital economy which increases GDP but narrows the personal space and threatens the essence of the human being. In the article, the hope of creating the Russian scenario of the development of the future is expressed which is based on IT-technologies and traditional national values in the process of which the significant role is played by the system of raising the future generations. The book of memoirs and reflections “We Remember…” is an effective instrument of instilling spiritual, moral and patriotic values, development of creativity and the internal culture of the youth in the digital environment.

Family Education as a Way of Strengthening Family

#6-7. 100 Years of War: The Point of Beginning
Family Education as a Way of Strengthening Family

In our country, according to the law, parents have got the right to educate their children on their own, in the form of a family education. Studies in the countries, where this form of education is quite developed, prove its success and effectiveness.