Cognitive Platform as an Institutional Structure for Making Socially Significant Decisions


The article is devoted to the anthropic regulation of social processes in the conditions of social extremum. According to the authors, the way out of the “crisis of crises” is possible thanks to the functioning of a special information and semantic object — a cognitive platform that allows for the regulation of society in accordance with a new self-similar attractor of the historical process “from the future”. At the same time, the pathological structures of society that prevent the transition to a new level of development will not be able to function and reproduce.



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Management of Superposition in Information-Cognitive Processes (Invariance of Methods of Destruction of Society)

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.165.2019.124-133

The second part of the work analyzes new information-semantic methods of social destruction, which have a higher level of complexity in relation to traditional forms: hot, cold wars, as well as various forms of hybrid wars. The difference between wars of a new kind is in the management of information and cognitive processes: in the formation of the so-called superposition with the help of a global digital platform: programming the perception and evaluation of a social event. The use of new methods of destruction blocks the processes of regulation of social systems, disorganizes the work of institutional structures, acting as an organizational weapon. The danger of war of superpositions as “war of schr dinger” is almost infinite variability of sophisticated methods of destruction, their stealth and high efficiency achieved by imposing the external contour of information management, as well as the use of the specifics of shimmering subjectivity — when objects and subjects of war are constantly changing places. The authors postulate that the tactical and strategic counteraction in the war of superpositions can be organized only on the basis of scientific methodology, which has an appropriate level of complexity, that is, on the platform of the social state

Science in the Period of “Re-Quantization of Reality” and Information-Cognitive Mechanisms of Social Destruction

DOI: 10.33917/es-5.163.2019.70-81

The article opens a new cycle of works devoted to the development of scientific methodology of functional systems for the study of the phenomenon of “reality re-quantization”: a sharp increase in the level of complexity of all system constructions — as the main property in their “work against entropy”. According to S.P. Kurdyumov, S.P. Kapitse and A.D. Panov, the “mode of operation with exacerbation” observed in social systems is due to the change of self-similar attractors — when they begin to be regulated not only by the past, but also by the “absolute future”. The authors postulate that the dominant regulator in the future cycle of development of system constructions are moral and ethical constructs created by people as subjects of singularity, which determine the possibility of social systems to “work against entropy” in even more complex forms and manifestations: namely, through science, education and upbringing — project and consciously. As an example of the study of destructive social phenomena of a higher level of complexity, the “Schr dinger War” is considered, in which the “meaning” of social events is controlled through a superposition — through its interpretation imposed from a higher level of system organization using the technologies of the global digital platform.

Controlled Confrontation: War in Singularity Area

#8. Some Time in Petrograd...
Controlled Confrontation: War in Singularity Area

The paper presents the proof that the conflict in geocentric theater of war is conducted in the area of technological singularity, i.e. in conditions of principled non-awareness of happening. The principle of action and optimal application area of the fifth generation nuclear weapon are described. The definition of “soft power”, “controlled confrontation” in terms of conflict management technology in geocentric theater of war is given. Theorem of limitation (awareness) is proposed like one of the theorems forming the basis of engineering methodology for psychogenic systems design.