New approaches in formulation and solution fundamental issues of economics in the age of digital business

DOI: 10.33917/mic-1.114.2024.25-34

The article presents the genesis of the methodology for the study of the conceptual and categorical apparatus of microeconomics as a science before and after its separation from political economy. It is shown how, in the depths of traditional neoclassicism, new features of economic analysis based on the concept of a platform-type business are being formed – the irrelevant geographical location of primary links and economies of scale of demand. Based on the theoretical study of the platform business model, the manifestation of the basic category – digital reality – is justified. Based on the prevailing socio-economic processes, in which consumer behavior depends on the importance of digital platforms, the need to study consumer culture is explained. It is concluded that the platform business, which forms a new consumer culture, allows for a new revision of the methodology for setting and solving fundamental issues of economics.


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