Regional franchising center is a new model for the development of franchising in regions

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.104.2022.75-86

Franchising has become popular only in recent decades. This form of entrepreneurship is increasingly used in various sectors of the economy, especially in retail and catering. According to official data, more than 70% of this type of entrepreneurial activity falls on regional franchising. The article analyzes the features of the development of regional franchising, evaluates the initiatives of individual regions to introduce franchising. A unified concept of the creation and functioning of a regional franchising center is proposed, the goals and objectives of its creation are determined, which are mainly aimed at systematizing and synchronizing work on business development in the region.


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Information without boundaries

#9. Execution Excess
Information without boundaries

In July 2014 the law was signed, which obliged all foreign Internet companies selling in Russia to keep personal data of the Russians only in Russia. According to Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications Leonid Levin, besides the problems of millions of hacker attacks on the Russian Internet segment or sanctions limiting our business, today we can observe a general escalation of tension in the information space, demonization of our country and restriction of access to objective information. Such situation is fraught with serious shocks in the future. Leonid Levin in his conversation with the “ES” special columnist Valentina Nikolskaya told about the tasks on protecting Russian citizens from the information risks with account to developed countries’ practice.