Analysis of foreign experience of activating innovative activities at various levels of economic management

DOI: 10.33917/mic-1.114.2024.87-93

The scientific article presents the advanced experience of leading foreign countries to activate innovation. It was established that mainly organizations for the development of innovation use direct and indirect support measures. The principles of activation and support of innovative activities in foreign countries are shown, the main tools for state stimulation and activation of innovation in foreign countries have been identified.


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New State Planning Committee

#2. Alliance Great
New State Planning Committee

In article mistakes of “the generalized government” on an interval of 2008 – 2016 are considered. It is claimed that they have system character owing to gross blunders in a design of an economic mechanism and incompetence of the head of the government. The conclusion is drawn that local measures it is impossible to change negative tendencies. Change of a control system of economy and creation of a new State Planning Committee is necessary. At the same time the market relations and the relations of property shouldn’t be broken. The designs regulating and planning development of the national economy in the economic developed countries exist for a long time and we need to use their experience only. Specially selected group of scientists, but not the government has to be engaged in reform.