Only a Sacred National Idea will Save Russia


In analyzing the essence of the Russian national idea and the way of reviving spiritual and moral values, it is necessary not only to understand the causes and events that destroyed the Soviet state, but also to build a program of overcoming the systemic crisis based on our own historical experience in the historical and philosophical context. The power perceived in Ancient Russia, along with the adoption of Christianity, gained sacredness from Byzantium, which absorbed all the experience of Antiquity, Ancient Judea and the Roman Empire. The article formulates a historiosophical concept, defines the systemic crisis of statehood, and outlines a way out of the time of troubles through the genuine institution of democracy in Russia, the Zemsky Sobor (Russian People’s Assembly), which is inherent in Russian civilization.) from the indigenous classes: the clergy and the peasantry, the officers and the Cossacks, the merchants and the resurgent Russian entrepreneurship, the workers and peasants, the scientific and engineering and creative elite.

Federalism Impact on Economic Growth: an Institutional Perspective

#4. Why that is needed?
Federalism Impact on Economic Growth: an Institutional Perspective

Many states include the word “federation” in their name, which allows to assume that most people have positive perception of federalism as a form of governance. Switzerland and some other countries have shown how fiscal federalism can work in practice for the benefit of society. At the same time, the states that try to copy this undoubtedly positive experience, as a rule, encounter significant difficulties. The article shows how fiscal federalism can influence economic growth of the state and explains why “working” federalism occurs so rarely.

For Whom Samovar is Buzzing?

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

If we put aside political crackling and sensation, offered solutions of contemporary economic problems consist in their transfer onto our children and grandchildren.

«Arab Spring» and Regime of Nuclear Non-Proliferation

#3. Green question

A state without nuclear potential is unable to provide adequate resistance to aggression and intervention. In this regard, it would make sense to try to introduce into international law the concept of guarantees to non-nuclear states from attack by nuclear powers with application of conventional weapons.