Author page: Jilu Wang

Investment Attractiveness of the Russian Energy Sector for Foreign Investors: Assessment and Recommendations


The article analyses the investment attractiveness of the Russian energy sector for foreign investors. Analysis is based on such indicators as the volume of energy resources’ production and export as well as their dynamics, foreign direct investment in the country’s energy industry, portfolio investment in the “green” energy industry. The author draws up a conclusion that despite the exports decrease in the main types of energy resources (oil, gas, coal, energy) over the past few years (2020–2021), Russia continues to play a leading role in the global fuel and energy complex, the volume of foreign direct investment in industry is steadily growing, the “green” energy industry is actively developing. The author also dwells on the difficulties that foreign investors have to face when investing in the Russian energy sector. The present study results in identifying the main directions for improving investment attractiveness of the Russian energy sector for potential foreign investors.


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