Author page: Marina Fedotova

Standards of Valuation Activities: Foreign Experience

#8. Hunting for Scientists
Standards of Valuation Activities: Foreign Experience

The article deals with foreign standards of valuation: international valuation standards, European valuation standards, as well as American, British and Japanese. Three models of valuation activities regulation are presented: public model, social and cooperative model (state and public control). Advantages and disadvantages of international valuation standards are formulated. At the same time, the content, composition and structure of international valuation standards can be useful for creating Russian evaluation standards and for developing the system of uniform valuation standards of the Eurasian Economic Union countries.

Work Team as a Network Structure Inducing a Common Creative Field

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

From the perspective of the network approach a working team is characterized as a local socio-cognitive network included in the overall networking. However, to understand the creative potential of the working team, according to the authors, specifying only localization of network order of social-cultural interactions is not enough. The analysis of creative team work aspects reveals some over-network phenomenon, which the authors called a common creative field.