Prospects for Forming New Global Value Added Chains on the Basis of Cooperation Between Scientific-Industrial Complexes of Russia and Belarus

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Prospects for Forming New Global Value Added Chains on the Basis of Cooperation Between Scientific-Industrial Complexes of Russia and Belarus

Global Value Chains (GVCs) are currently the main theoretical concept for analyzing globalization processes in the sphere of industrial production and the object for perfecting the foreign economic policy of each country. Traditions and schools of studying GVCs, that have developed in the world community, can be divided into macrostructural, united under the general title of “internationalism”, and cluster ones, that are forming the “industrialism” trend. Referring to the problem of Russian-Belarusian industrial cooperation in the course of neoindustrialization and formation of new GVCs, macrostructural approach turns out to be completely unproductive for a number of reasons, therefore the authors of the article, considering the programs of Russian-Belarusian cooperation, follow the cluster approach.


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