On the possibility of classification of the economic pole of the state due to economic transactions the state or its property

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.101.2021.17-23

The economic interest of the state is decided not by one, but by means of several business operations. Within the framework of each business transaction, their tasks are solved. Each business operation has its own logical events (stages), in each of which it is important to formulate tasks that the state needs to solve.

The article gave a list of the main tasks of the state in business operations involving the state or its property; features of the main logical events of business transactions conducted with the participation of the state or its property are considered. The authors formulated tasks that the state needs to solve in order to create jobs and organize the production of socially important products, as well as tasks related to the creation of jobs and production of new equipment; examples of situations with conflicts of state interests are given.



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