Crisis Management Based on Technological Innovation: “Price-Conscious Transformations” Method

DOI: 10.33917/es-8.166.2019.140-145

The article discusses methodological support of the crisis recovery process through implementing technological transformations, characterized by frugality during the process realization. In particular, the paper consequentially sustantiates the need to focus on production and technological issues and employees motivation, determines limitations of the Kurt Levin transformation methodology for socio-economic systems and identifies conceptual provisions of crisis management based on innovations of S.V. Valdaytsev. These provisions form the basis of the four stages of the “price-conscious transformation” methodology: stabilization, localization, reorganization and adaptation. The paper provides a comparative analysis of the proposed methodology with Michael Porter’s classical value chain model and describes approaches to implementing organizational project of transformations based on technological innovations as “crisis management practices” that take into account not only the interests of creditors and owners, but also the need to strengthen economic security of the Russian state


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