Change management in the federal project «Regional and local road network» as part of the national project «Safe high-quality roads» based on the transformation models 4P «Results orientation», «Transformation triangle» and 4R Guiyar-Cayley

DOI: 10.33917/mic-4.99.2021.29-41

This article considers the issue of change management in the Federal Project «Regional and Local Road Network» as part of the National Project «Safe High – quality Roads» based on the transformation models 4P, «transformation triangle» and 4R Guiyar-Cayley. It is established that the investment potential of the Federal Project is significant and, using mixed investments of interested medium and large businesses, as well as state funds, the transport industry at this stage has mainly solved the main investment task at the federal and regional levels – the restoration and modernization of the transport complex in 83 subjects of the Russian Federation and 104 urban agglomerations.



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