“Image of the Future”: Conference Overview

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33917/es-2.176.2021.134-141

On February 19–20, 2021 at the Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev with the support of the Government of the Oryol Region and the Center for Strategic Initiatives “Co-society”, the first International Scientific and Practical Conference “Image of the Future” was held.

Vision of the future is an integral part of life of both an individual and society as a whole. Fear of the future or hopes for it, confidence in the possibility of influencing the perspective configuration, interest in what awaits us ahead or indifference to tomorrow — all this enters in social reality that surrounds us. Today’s decisions and actions depend on how tomorrow is seen. The image of the future is a form of the presence of the future in the present, research interest in it is due not to the desire to find out what tomorrow will be, but to the desire to identify the options for the possibilities of the present.

Despite the noticeable presence of the “image of the future” word combination in journalistic and scientific discourse of modern Russia, national studies of this phenomenon are just beginning. The goal, set by the conference organizers, was to unite and coordinate research on the image of the future both at the level of theoretical and methodological developments, and in the study of practical aspects related to functioning of individual and collective images of the future, their influence on current social reality

On Forming the Ideology of Transition to a New World Economic Order in Russia and the EAEU

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.173.2020.46-61

The formation of a new — integral-world economic order imposes increased requirements on the quality of the ideological basis of large-scale socio-economic transformations. This basis, by the very nature of the new world economic order, cannot sow antagonism, it is intended to harmonize the divergent interests of the government and society on the basis of national creative development goals

The Chengdu Global Think Tanks Forum 2018: Opportunities and Challenges of Global Governance

#1. Minds Confusion
The Chengdu Global Think Tanks Forum 2018: Opportunities and Challenges of Global Governance

The article contains the author’s summary on the 2018 Chengdu Global Think Tanks Forum (China) with the active participation of the Russian delegation and a critical review of the events and a number of reports within the event framework. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the role and capabilities of the think tanks created by the BRICS countries, to identify the benefits and threats of global governance, as well as to promote the results of research activities initiated and realized by scientists and experts from countries with developing, emerging and transforming markets.