Non-capitalist mode of production as a third way of development

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.110.2023.5-11

The world economic system is analyzed, within which it fixes only two modes of production: capitalist and socialist. Based on a systematic religious and philosophical approach, the author substantiates that Western capitalism itself is divided into two types: Anglo-Saxon and Catholic – Western European. The study of the multi-structured society of the East, based on the hierarchy and subordination of many structures, showed that in such a society the domination of one structure cannot be established: capitalist or socialist. We are talking about a special form of communal, collectivist «Eastern capitalism». This is the third way of social development.


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Change of Social Formations and Civilizations Compatibility

#5. Longstanding Generation
Change of Social Formations and Civilizations Compatibility

The article presents various types and structures of social formations. Сivilizational and formational approaches are considered, their comparative analysis is given. The author presents classification structure of civilizations and the place of human values with elements of civilization. He also deals with issues of interrelations, mutual influence and interaction of civilizations with regard to present-day problems of society and communities. The levels and forms of civilizations interaction are compared taking into account the processes of globalization, glocalization and humanization. The function of compatibility and interaction of factors of civilizations general development is formulated.

“Strategic Matrix of Russia”. Results of 2010: Something has Happened

#1. Hollywood as a password

We sweated, as those slaves in the galleys under tons of volcanic ash, we floated through oil spills, terrorist attacks and global crises, overcoming fires and icy rains, we were re-inventing Russia and the world just to find ourselves in 2010 in the starting point.