Analysis of the corporate governance system of the Russian state holding company of the nuclear industry

DOI: 10.33917/mic-4.111.2023.56-68

On the basis of transactional analysis, the model of interdependence of the three main categories of corporate governance of Rosatom Group is considered.  Having analyzed the management structures of the joint-stock company and taking into account the desire of Rosatom Group to maximize shareholder profits, we believe that Rosatom Group was created in accordance with the Anglo-Saxon model of corporate governance. One of the problems of corporate governance is that the company’s principles enshrined in the Code of Business Conduct and Business Ethics of Rosatom State Corporation lack an element of innovation, and the company’s mission poorly reflects it, despite the “innovative development program”. The problem of mismatch of principles in such a large corporation as Rosatom, of course, at some point may have a negative impact on the internal environment. It is proposed, in order to optimize corporate governance processes and accelerate managerial decision-making, to reproduce a comprehensive automated database on the corporate ownership structure of Rosatom Group organizations in the nuclear industry.


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