Methodological Support of the Competitiveness Management of the Machine-Building Complex of the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of the Strategic Business Units Creation


In the context of a rapidly changing economic reality, the management of large industrial complexes at the macro level has been become increasingly complex and difficult to predict. Directly, the ability to find, create, and combine new and existing conceptual foundations of management policy that have not been used before, but take into account the trends and features of certain socio-economic systems provides an opportunity to develop and create a flexible, adaptive management competitive mechanism that allows, depending on the circumstances, both to re-develop the system from the inside and adjust it to the existing conditions of the macro-environment. Thus, management becomes the main strategic resource that ensures the competitive advantage of the socio-economic system, as well as its’ “survival”, adaptation, transformation and development. The machine-building complex of the Republic of Belarus is an example of a multidimensional volumetric socio-economic system that requires large management costs to increase and strengthen its competitive capabilities and potential. This article is devoted directly to the development of methodological tools for managing the competitiveness of the machine-building complex of the Republic of Belarus, taking into account the features and conditions of its functioning.



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