The structure of an adapted industry-specific architectural framework for insurance companies

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.92.2020.36-43

The active development of digital twin technologies will lead to the appearance of digital copies for organizations, which works in the service sector. This also applies to insurance companies. Over time, new research and development in the field of dynamic management of enterprise architecture will be required. However, there are a low maturity level of both key business processes and enterprise architecture management processes in most Russian and companies that is an obstacle for development in the field of EA dynamic management. Analysis of existing foreign architectural and process frameworks (including industry ones) shows that they are poorly adapted for Russian realities. Russian architectural frameworks have not been developed yet. Cross-industry frameworks and approaches are too abstract, and foreign industry frameworks are based on reference models of business processes that are not relevant for Russian companies. The emergence of a relevant industry framework could help accelerate the development of digital twin technology for Russian insurance companies. Based on the analysis of several cases and existing architectural frameworks, the article proposed the structure of an adaptive architectural framework and built a map of top-level industrial business processes for Russian insurance companies.


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