The impact of CO2 emissions on the prices of Gazprom’s LNG and pipeline gas in Europe and the world (analytical review)

DOI: 10.33917/mic-2.97.2021.75-82

In November 2021, the climate summit of the countries participating in the Paris Climate Agreement will be held. It should be taken into account that the energy and carbon intensity of LNG production during its liquefaction and transportation can be significant. Carbon neutral LNG adds a «Green premium» to the LNG price of 17-37 % of the value of the LNG cargo in the current spot market. The «Green premium» can be estimated at 0,8–$ 1.7/MMBtu or $ 10-20/t of CO2 for removing CO2 from LNG.

The article shows that the carbon intensity of American LNG in Europe is 3 times higher than that of Russian pipeline gas.



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