New Energy and Raw Material Currency Unit for International Trade Settlements


The article elaborates in detail the project of creating a neutral international currency for settlements in international trade — ERMU (Energy and Raw Material Unit), the purchasing power of which does not depend on political and economic actions of any country, nor on the exchange rate of national currencies. ERMU isn’t bound to any national currency, its purchasing power is nominated in a strictly specified amount of basic export energy raw materials of world trade — gas, oil, coal, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, mineral fertilizers, wheat and gold.

Switching of international trade to ERMU will allow us to avoid the dictatorship of dollar and euro and to break the unnatural order in international trade, established after the Second World War, under which all countries traded with each other for the national currency of one country — the US dollar. In addition, the introduction of the ERMU will render meaningless any arrests and confiscation by Western countries of the assets of countries and individuals objectionable to them.


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