Historical overview of the holding of special events in the context of ensuring the national security of the state

DOI: 10.33917/mic-4.111.2023.94-102

Presents a theoretical overview of the domestic experience of countering threats, replete with various forms of implementation in the form of military operations, counter-terrorism and other special operations that are aimed at strengthening the national security of the country and protecting national, geopolitical, strategic and economic interests from terrorist and other unfriendly threats potential enemy states of our country. The relationship between the conduct of special operations and the introduction of emergency regimes, a state of emergency and a counter-terrorist operation on the territory of Russia is noted. A definition of the concept of «special military operation» is proposed. The role of ensuring economic security as a priority of the national security of the state and the formation of patriotic principles of educating new generations to strengthen the country are determined.


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