Careful! Renovation!

The article shows the economic essence of the program of housing renovation in Moscow, its harm for the country, Moscow and Muscovites, as well as its attractiveness for developers. The author considers defects of the property right to the earth and their influence on real estate cost. It is put questions of restriction of number of storeys of the housing estate and the termination of construction of housing in Moscow, the removal from its composition of the territories being outside the Moscow ring Road, as well as the termination of the processes of deindustrialization of the capital and the development of industrial production. Need of the balanced development of all territory of the Russian Federation, development of Siberia and the Far East, development of the industry and agriculture is emphasized.


1. About modification of the Law of the Russian Federation «On the status of the capital of the Russian Federation» and separate legal acts of the Russian Federation regarding establishment of features of regulation of separate legal relations for the purpose of renovation of housing stock in the subject of the Russian Federation – the city of Federal value Moscow of 01.07.2017 № 141 [Electronic resource]. – Access from the legal reference system «ConsultantPlus».

2. About additional guarantees of housing and property rights of physical and legal entities at implementation of renovation of housing stock in the city of Moscow [Electronic resource]: the Law of Moscow of 17.05.2017 № 14. – Access from the information and legal portal «Garant».

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