A Look at Management from the Shaolin Temple

DOI: 10.33917/es-3.169.2020.126-133

If you ask an ordinary resident of Russia what he knows about the Shaolin Temple, that was hiding for a long time from human eyes in the Songshan Mountains, he will surely remember numerous colourful films on martial arts exercised by the monks. What else? The most advanced will say that Shaolin Monastery is associated with the name of one of the patriarchs of Chan Buddhism, the Indian monastic warrior Bodhidharma, who passed to the Shaolin inhabitants a method that fundamentally changed their practice of perceiving spiritual experience and improving physical health.
Meanwhile, Shaolin is an integral harmonious philosophical system based on ancient Eastern wisdom, not at all contradicting
Western knowledge (and we will prove it!), but harmoniously complementing the latter. And if we are talking about philosophical system, that is, a picture of how the world works, it is natural to build management approaches within this picture. It is really possible, which is confirmed by experience of the article authors as coaches and organizational development consultants.

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